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Atheist Alliance of America to sponsor Mythinformation Conference III

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2016 CONFERENCE 10/21/16 |  TURNER HALL  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1-9 PM

The Mythinformation Conference brings a day full of education to the secular community – with speakers from all across the freethought spectrum. Mythicist Milwaukee focuses on educating the freethought/skeptic/atheist community about the mythological origins of religion, and our conference does that and more. This year’s conference features one of the secular world’s most anticipated debates between Dr. Robert Price and Bart D. Ehrman arguing the existence of a historical Jesus Christ.


Dr. Robert Price is a former Baptist minister who holds PhD's in systematic theology and the New Testament. Dr. Price is professor of Biblical Criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute and will assert the Jesus Myth Theory which holds there are flaws with the evidence for an historical Jesus and will make the case that he is no more than a mythological figure.
             Dr. Bart D. Ehrman is the James A.Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he has taught since 1988. Professor Ehrman has published extensively in the fields of New Testament and Early Christianity, and will support the stance that there is strong evidence for the existence for a historical Jesus.
   Comforting Hatred: How to Approach Hateful Thoughts Towards Atheism

Allie Jackson is the CEO of Atheist Republic, a non-profit organization that provides news,blogs,book publications and more.They have over one million followers and fans worldwide. Jackson focuses her personal time on providing emotional support to atheists in religious countries and helping them find resources for asylum. Through her work, blogs and YouTube show, Devils in God's Country, she fights the negative misconception about atheism in general.

Jackson will be speaking about how to approach hateful thoughts and acts towards atheism/atheists and provide comfort.


 Thomas Smith-The Good Book Isn't. Believe me, I've Read It

Thomas Smith, a multi-podcaster and alleged comedian, read the entire bible, adding quips and commentary for his creatively named podcast “Thomas and the Bible.” The show started in 2010 and was recently completed. Thomas also hosts “Atheistically Speaking,” which tackles tough areas of disagreement within the atheist community.

Thomas will be speaking about some of his favorite biblical absurdities and why they shouldn’t be ignored.

 Rob Moore-Of Mice and Mythicism: A Movement and It's Golden Child

Rob Moore is host of the“Mythicist Milwaukee Show”podcast, and has interviewed dozens of the top personalities from the secular world. President of the Kenosha Racine Atheists and Freethinkers, Moore is an activist, blogger and poet who has strengthened the presence of Southeast Wisconsin's secular community through his efforts.  

Moore will be exploring the topic of mythicism, the Christ Myth Theory and its impact on the larger secular movement. Is it a temporary trend, or a timeless tool?

Dan Barker: GOD: The Most Unpleasant Character in All of Fiction

Dan Barker is the current co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He is the co-host of Freethought Radio, a national weekly talk show. He is a contributing editor of Freethought Today and is involved with the Foundation’s state/church lawsuits. He regularly travels the country and the world giving lectures, performing concerts and participating in debates with theists, often at college and university campuses.

Barker will be speaking about his new book, "God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction."


1 pm: “Of Mice and Mythicism” with Rob Moore
1:30 pm: “The Good Book Isn’t. Believe Me, I Actually Read It” with Thomas Smith
2:15 pm: “Comforting Hatred” with Allie Jackson
3:30 pm: “God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction” with Dan Barker
4:30-6 pm: Break (on your own)
6-9 pm: Buzzed Belief Debate with Dr. Robert Price and Bart D. Ehrman*
10 pm: VIP afterparty, location TBD

*For more information on the Price-Ehrman Debate, visit our debate series page.


Live Stream Broadcast:

Early-bird ticket offer: Ends June 30, 2016
$30 General Admission Conference & Debate
$105 VIP Conference & Debate (includes afterparty)

Tickets purchased July 1-Oct. 20, 2016
$60 General Admission Conference & Debate
$160 VIP Conference & Debate (includes afterparty)

Tickets available at the door
$65 General Admission Conference & Debate
$165 VIP Conference & Debate (includes afterparty)

$300 Sponsorship Table

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