LogicCal-LA . . . Jan 13-15, 2017

 A new scientific skeptic’s conference will take place in Los Angeles, California January 13-15, 2017 at the Hyatt Concourse Hotel located next to the Los Angeles airport.

The LogiCal-LA conference Director is Bruce Gleason (Founder of Backyard Skeptics and the Freethought Alliance). Margaret Downey is working as an event advisor and will help kick off the conference with a Friday-the-Thirteenth Anti-Superstition Bash and the opening of a West Coast Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center. Special guests that night include a live band (The Heathens), entertainers Heather Henderson (Miss Fortune Teller), Buck Bowen, Christine Jones and Dave DeLuca.

The Saturday and Sunday LogiCal-LA speakers are Dan Barker, Don Prothero, Eugenie Scott, Seth Andrews, Joe Nickell, Harriett Hall, Jerry Coyne, Gad Saad, Angie Mattke, Elizabeth Loftus, Brian Dunning and Sean Carroll.

Two panels focusing on the arts and skepticism will take place during the conference. The “Comics Panel” features Celestia Ward, Lee Moyer and Tom Chalkley. The “Skeptics in Entertainment Panel” is comprised of Emery Emery and Michael Rowe.

There will be lots of entertainment during Saturday and Sunday evenings, including a comedy show featuring Paul Provenza, Tim Lee and Ian Harris and a concert with entertainers Barker, Shelley Segal and Roy Zimmerman.

Prothero will lead a field trip on Sunday for geology enthusiasts. The movie A Year Without God will be shown on Sunday evening. After the movie questions will be answered by the star Ryan J. Bell and the executive producer.

Discounted hotel prices are $135 (single or double). Book your hotel stay directly with the hotel by calling (424) 702-1234, or book online at: https://is.gd/LogiCal_LA.

Sign up for the party, conference, shows, and/or the field trip individually or purchase a package at: LogiCalLA.com.

There is so much to see and enjoy in the Los Angeles area and January is the perfect time to take advantage of the lovely California weather. Please consider extending your trip and see nearby California sites.