About Atheist Alliance of America

Our Vision

AAA's vision is to transform society into one that supports and respects a worldview based on the values of reason, empiricism and naturalism, and respects and protects the separation of religion and government.

Our Mission

To develop and provide educational, advocacy, and community-building programs for the atheist community that assist towards fulfilling the above vision.

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Latest Posts

Marriage Equality Victory!

Today, the United States Supreme Court, in a landmark 5-4 ruling, declared that same-sex couples have a fundamental right to […]

Latest Podcast

On the Historicity of Jesus

For this episode, Tim and Mike talk with Richard Carrier, author of "On the Historicity of Jesus." We cover topics such as, are atheists who claim Jesus didn't exist guilty of motivated reasoning? What do other historians think of Carrier's work? How do we know about whether or not Hitler was a Christian or an atheist? We also announce Atheist Alliance of America's new "AAACE" Scholarship award contest!

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